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The Glass Station Blog

  • East Farm, the Bees, and the Two Kates

    The meadow hummed with industrious buzzing as we followed the students through the gate of the research field known as the 5-acre field at East Farm. Small orange stakes delineated a 10’ by 20’ plot abloom in purple flowers. The flower was Prunella vulgaris, common self-heal, a native, mowable alternative to grass that is a favorite pollen source for native bees.
  • Jen's First Try at Beekeeping

    On the final morning of my early beekeeping career, when I took my tea out on to the deck and heard a sound I’d never heard before. It was like a mechanical humming, too quiet to be our neighbor’s chain saw, too loud and too close to be a car in the distance. Then I saw the swarm: 20 feet high up in a Ponderosa pine. The bees had had enough. - Jen's first try at Beekeeping
  • The Glass Bee Fellowship

    We’re so excited that our bees are now going to be funding an undergraduate fellowship at URI. It was such a logical step. For years the bees have been our best seller, and with the plight of bees everywhere, from colony collapse to mites to pesticides, it seemed only right that our bees should give back to other bees.