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Maya Adjustable Necklace

Maya Adjustable Necklace

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Every piece in the Olmox Jewelry collection has been carefully handcrafted from tiny beads and super fine threads of gold and silver. To achieve the beautiful scroll work and delicate lace-like patterns, precious metals first have to be hand spun into fine pliable threads. This is done by manually stretching the metal until it is fine enough to work into complex ornamental shapes. The thread is then twisted by hand into highly detailed floral motifs. Finally, with the help of a blowtorch, the artist solders the design together at the points of contact to form beautiful, but strong, jewelry pieces.  


  • Fine filigree 
  • Handcrafted
  • Sterling silver
  • Adjustable chain, from 16" to 30"
  • Dimensions Pendant: L0.38 x 2" W